About Palette


Palette Collective was created in 2015 and is a place for people to pursue their dreams of owning their own business. We have developed a platform for entrepreneurs from many industries such as hair, beauty, food, beverage, and retail to have a place to build and create a space that reflects their brand and style.

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    Free Rent

    We offer 4 weeks of free rent and we make sure that free rent starts when you start.

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    The Marketplace

    A community of businesses with amazing opportunities for local food beverage and retail concept.

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    Design Your Own Space

    Your room is your room to create an environment that best represent who you are.

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    Free Wifi

    There is free internet available throughout the entire space.

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    Mobile App

    An iPhone and Android app that provides you with everything you will need to run your busyness from an interactive calendar and webpage to competitive credit card processing.

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    There are plenty of free washer and dryer units for the connivence of keeping all of your metals clean and ready for use.

Salon Studios

We have designed our suites to accommodate all different uses inside the beauty industry. Giving you a blank canvas to design and create the perfect environment for your business. We have your room Professional painted whatever color or color scheme you want and provide you a sink/shampoo bowl for your room as well. The Free Rent provided starts when you start and is our way of supporting you as you start your business.


A community of local businesses that showcase amazing food, coffee and retail concepts. All working together to create a unique experience for your clients and the surrounding city to better enjoy their time at Palette Collective from beginning to end.


Our spaces have no limits! if you have an idea and need a place to create and build your business let us know. We would love to see what we can do to help make your dreams a reality.

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